Council Chamber Video Presentation System

A new, updated video presentation system has been installed in Raleigh City Council chambers. The new video system will provide significantly improved video quality, and additional presentation options. The old system is no longer available.


Please be aware that, due to security concerns:

  • Members of the public must now submit electronic files for review to (or in person to the Communications office) no later than 5 p.m. the Friday prior to the Council meeting at which they will appear. The presentation will be placed on the presentation computer by City staff prior to the Council meeting.
  • Electronic files brought to Council meetings WILL NOT be loaded for use.
  • No other computers, players or other presentation devices may be hooked up to the new presentation system FOR ANY REASON.
  • Please arrive at least a half-hour prior to start of Council meetings for orientation on use of the new system.


Lead Department: