LGBTQ Resources

Supporting Raleigh residents to live freely with respect and dignity

The City of Raleigh is committed to the equal rights and treatment of all residents, workers, and visitors. We aim to foster an inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds feel safe, respected and represented. 

Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson has appointed Michael Ballen, Community Policing Coordinator, to serve as the LGBTQ Liaison in the Raleigh Police Department. To contact Mr. Ballen, please email or call 919-996-1226. 


Equity & Inclusion hosts many opportunities to create community and to discuss the most pressing topics related to LGBTQ residents. 

LGBTQ: The Basics Presentation 

LGBT Center of Raleigh Director of Education Kori Hennessey (they/them) delivered a presentation to help understand what the acronym LGBTQ stands and to increase the knowledge of transgender and non-binary issues during two virtual sessions on February 18 and February 23, 2021.

The event also addressed some of the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community in Raleigh and ways to get involved and be an advocate. The presentation was immediately followed by a question and answer session. 

Social Equity Book Club 

This is not your ordinary book club. Every six weeks, we will provide a new opportunity to challenge your “social-norms” by exploring people, situations and circumstances that might be different from your own. The book club boasts a variety of popular titles that you’ve been wanting to read!

The Social Equity Book Club held a virtual book discussion for Real Queer America: LGBT Stories From Red States by Samantha Allen in October 2020. The discussion was lead by LGBT Center of Raleigh Executive Director, Lindsey Lughes. In Allen's book, a transgender reporter’s narrative tour through the surprisingly vibrant queer communities sprouting up in red states offers a vision of a stronger, more humane America.

Are you interested in joining the Social Equity Book Club? Visit our Social Equity Book Club page for upcoming events. The next book discussion will be on April 29 featuring The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein. 


In addition to the Department's activities, the City has partnered with the following organizations that service the LGBTQ community:



Department of Equity and Inclusion

LGBTQ Liaison - Raleigh Police Department
Michael Ballen, MBA

Community Policing Coordinator 

Lead Department:
Equity and Inclusion