Bridge repair work

Raleigh Transportation Begins Bi-Annual Bridge Maintenance

On Monday, August 15, Raleigh Transportation began bi-annual maintenance and repairs on the first of seven bridges in the City of Raleigh. 

The work is being done through Transportation’s Bridge Management Program. This project consists of repairs on seven bridge locations within the City of Raleigh:

  • Yadkin Drive
  • Garner Road
  • Rainwater Road
  • Aurora Drive
  • Ashe Avenue
  • Proctor Street
  • Ingram Drive

Driver's may encounter temporary lane or shoulder closures and flagging operations during bridge maintenance work, but no full lane closures are expected.

The inspection of all bridges in the US is a federal mandate as a part of the NBIS (National Bridge Inspection Standards) program. There are 60 bridges in Raleigh that fall under this program.

What do contractors look for during inspections?  Contractors look for substructure issues, small repairs, chipped concrete, cleaning or painting of bridge bearings and joint replacements. Often, these minor repairs can make major impacts to prolong the life of a bridge.

Through partnerships with NCDOT, Lee Construction will perform this year’s bridge repairs. All bridge maintenance and repairs are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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