All Neuse River Access Points Closed

Code Red

The following river access points for canoe and kayak launch on the Neuse River are closed for safety due to multiple log jams on the river.

Parking lots with joint access to the greenway and the river are open for use. Access to the river is closed until further notice.

Closed Access Points

  • Falls Dam
  • River Bend Park
  • Buffaloe Road
  • Anderson Point
  • Poole Road
  • Milburnie Dam

The City of Raleigh is working with the Department of Transportation and the railroad company to remove the multiple log jams along the river between City of Raleigh river access points. We will post updates as progress is made on the multiple log jams as multiple sites. Please note that the river status, of closed, may not change until the last log jam is mitigated. 

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