Old photo image of Blacks in a store

Raleigh's Black History & Heritage: 1945-1975 Kickoff

Raleigh’s black history, heritage, and culture are deeply rooted in the Biltmore Hills neighborhood (located in southeast Raleigh) and beyond. The Raleigh Historic Development Commission is conducting a study to identify important historic places (both existing and lost) between 1945-1975. It will recommend buildings and sites that are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The study will include a special focus on:

  • Churches
  • Entertainment venues 
  • The Civil Rights movement 
  • Black architects and builders  
  • The Biltmore Hills neighborhood 

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge of Raleigh’s Black history, heritage, and culture? A kickoff event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11 at the Biltmore Hills Community Center. This event will provide an opportunity for participants to hear about the scope of the project and how to contribute to the study of Raleigh’s black history and heritage. A virtual option is available.  

Learn more about Raleigh’s Black History & Heritage Study: 1945-1975.