Two 3 story homes with yellow van parked out front on the street.

Missing Middle 2.0 – Helping to solve the housing crisis

City Council passed text change TC-5-20 Missing Middle Reforms in the Summer of 2021. This text change allowed for duplexes and townhouses to be built in more areas of the city. These changes reduced the amount of land each home must take up. This change also provided more housing options to residents. Particularly those who may not want to live in a large apartment complex or cannot afford to buy a single-family home. It also means growth can be spread across neighborhoods instead of only being located downtown or along major corridors. These changes can make it easier for people to live closer to the places they work, shop, dine or access services without using a car. This will help the City meet its climate goals.

City Council saw a need to do more to respond to growing housing costs. City staff continues to explore ways to expand housing choices for Raleigh residents and support planned transit investments. This policy of "Affordability by design" allows and encourages less expensive housing types than other options. In the Fall of 2021, City Council authorized staff to begin work on text change TC-20-21 to meet this goal.

Proposals Under Consideration:

Many of these concepts would apply citywide. The first idea would permit smaller homes on smaller lots. In exchange for limiting the size of their house, someone could construct on a smaller lot than they could today. Second, staff proposes permitting "flag lots". Flag lots enable one deep lot to be split into two. Homes constructed on these flag lots would also be limited in size. Third, accessory dwelling units, or ADUs would be permitted in association with townhouses.

To meet mobility and sustainability goals, TC-20-21 also proposes increasing density near planned high-frequency transit lines. Here, small apartments would be permitted in residential districts. Two ADUs could also be constructed on a typical residential lot. ADUs would also be permitted in association with townhouses.

This proposal is the next step in expanding housing choices for the residents of Raleigh in a way that is equitable. Interested in these ideas, and want to make your voice heard? Please visit our website for the latest updates and for information on how you can get involved.



Charles Dillard