North Shore Lake in Raleigh

City-owned Dams

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What We Do

We maintain low- and high-hazard dams that are City-owned. Maintenance and repairs include making sure that dams are functioning properly and that they are in good condition. 


Private Property

There can be dams on private property on this list if: 

  • We have an agreement with a property owner to repair or replace them; and, 
  • They are impacting public streets and safety. 

Drinking Water Supply

We also maintain dams for our drinking water supply

  • EM Johnson Water Plant (A, B, and Sludge Lagoons)
  • Neuse River Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Lake Benson 
  • Lake Wheeler Dam

Stormwater Dams

Excludes Wake County-maintained dams in Raleigh - Crossgate Dam, Lake Crabtree, Haddon Hall Dam, and Shelley Lake.

About the Status

Good - The dam is working correctly
Under construction - We're doing work on the dam
Future project - The dam will either be repaired or replaced

Alvis Farm Dam Low Good
Ammons Lake Dam Lower (Greystone) Wake-211 High Good
Annie Louise Wilkerson Nature Preserve Low Good
Beaman Lake Dam Wake-174 Low Good, Future Sediment removal
Brockton Drive Dam Wake-386 High Good
Brookhaven Nature Preserve Dam Low Good
Carolina Pine Dam Wake-388 High Future project (repair)
Cedar Hills Park Dam Low Good
Durant Nature Preserve Dam ( Lowe Lake) Wake-161 High Good
Durant Nature Preserve Dam (Upper Lake) Wake-001 Low Future project (replacement)
Eastgate Park Wake-156 High Future project (replacement)
Eden Pond Dam Wake-191 High Future project (replacement)
Horseshoe Farm Dam Wake-361 Low Good
Lake Johnson Dam Wake-035 High Future project (repair)
Laurel Hills Park Dam Wake-363 Low Good
Laurel Hills Road Dam (Hester Pond) Wake-318 High Good
Lower Longview Lake - Lower Dam Wake-212 High Good
Lower Longview Lake - Upper Dam Wake-213 High Good
Marsh Creek Dam Wake-197 Low Good
Mt. Herman Road Dam Low Good
Northshore Lake Dam Wake-175 High Good
Powell Drive Park Dam Low Good
Pullen Park Lower Dam Low Good
Pullen Park Upper Dam Low Good
Strickland Road Park Dam 1 Low Good
Strickland Road Park Dam 2 Low Good



Courtney Licata, PE
Senior Engineer

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