Appliances (White Goods)

Appliances (also called white goods) may not be disposed of in North Carolina landfills by state law. The state imposed a "surcharge" on each white good sold at retail to cover the cost that the landfill owners incur when they recycle the white good. This surcharge does not cover the cost of collecting the appliance.

The cost of collecting white goods has not been calculated into the solid waste collection program that is funded mostly by property taxes and partly by the solid waste fee included on utility bills. Since the disposal/recycling of white goods is not a routine service, it would not be cost effective to fund a crew simply to collect white goods. Instead, white goods collection is treated as a user fee.

Special Collections

Special collections of items not normally collected by Solid Waste Services (such as appliances, furniture, carpeting, etc.) may be arranged for a fee of $50. Special load pickup is not available for rocks, dirt, building materials, loose leaves, tree limbs larger than six feet long and six inches in diameter, car parts, or stumps.

Other Options

White goods can also be taken to one of the Wake County Multi-Material Drop-Off Facilities. Residents are not charged a fee provided they take the items in a non-commercial vehicle.

Is the appliance still in good working order? Consider having a yard sale or donating it to a charitable organization such as the Vietnam Vets, Goodwill or the Salvation Army. The City also operates a Swap Shop for items that are in good working condition. Reuse is better than disposal!


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