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Raleigh Bikeshare Program Completes Branding Change

The City’s bikeshare program vendor, Bewegen Technologies, Inc. (Bewegen), completed changes to the program’s name and brand. The former title sponsor, Citrix Systems, Inc., served as the bikeshare program’s title sponsor when the system launched in spring 2019. Citrix opted not to renew their sponsorship for the program. 

Just in time to celebrate Bike Month, “Cardinal Bikeshare" officially launched on May 1. New name, same great service!

Since 2017, Bewegen has operated as the City’s bikeshare program vendor, and contractually owns the naming rights, branding rights, and sponsorship displays over it. Vendor rebranding tood place over the course of two months this spring, beginning with the 32 bikeshare stations, and followed by changes to the 340 bikes available in the fleet. Bewegen completed these changes during non-peak hours to create minimal disruptions in service and to users.

As a reminder, the City owns the bikeshare station infrastructure and bicycles. Bewegen will continue to be fully responsible for the maintenance and operations of the system, including securing any sponsorships to offset potential operating costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is changing? The program’s title sponsor, name, and branding are changing. The City of Raleigh’s bikeshare system remains in place and fully functional. Bike and station availability will not be affected.

What is the new system name? Cardinal Bikeshare. 

Why is the system brand changing?  Citrix Systems, Inc., has served as the bikeshare program’s title sponsor since the system launched in spring 2019 and has been a great partner. Citrix has opted not to renew their sponsorship, creating opportunity for other entities to support the bikeshare program.

How long will it take to complete the branding change? The branding change is complete, and Cardinal Bikeshare officially launched on May 1, 2022. 


Will my membership/pass be affected by the change? No, memberships and passes will remain active, and users will be able to use the system as usual. 

Will my key fob still work? Yes, there is no need to order a new one. 


Will there be a new website for the program? Yes, is live! 

Will there be a new version of the mobile application? Yes, the Cardinal Bikeshare app is available on the App Store/Google Play Store. 



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