curbside temporary parking sign

City Sets Up Temporary Curbside Pickup Zones

to Help Connect Businesses and Their Customers During COVID-19 Response

Temporary Curbside Pickup Zones are being marked off throughout Raleigh to support quick stops at local businesses for takeout services and other small deliveries. Raleigh Parking will mark off about 100 pickup zones, beginning March 18. 
Pickup zones are planned for the Hillsborough Street corridor, Glenwood South and the Downtown Core as well as other areas with limited storefront access.

Our GIS curbside pickup map shows the placement of the planned zones. 

Most of the zones will be placed in areas where there is currently on-street metered parking or time-restricted.

Temporary curbside pickup zones are part of the City’s COVID-19 response. Selection of where to place the temporary zones is a fluid process. Businesses and organizations are encouraged to provide feedback to Raleigh Parking about zone locations. Requests to add or move temporary curbside pickup zones can be made by contacting us at

Visit the City's main COVID-19 Information page.



Matthew Currier
Manager, Raleigh Parking