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City to Reinstate Complimentary Parking Program for Meetings

The City of Raleigh is reinstating our Complimentary Parking program for residents who attend City Council, Boards and Commissions meetings held at the Raleigh Municipal Building (RMB) and One Exchange Plaza (OEP). 

The Council on June 1, 2021, approved the return to in-person meetings and the reinstatement of the parking program. This will go into effect with the June 15 Council meeting. 

What Do I Need to Do?
If you’re a resident who attends any of the seven types of meetings listed below, do this:

  • Pull a white entrance ticket as you would normally do to enter the RMB and Moore Square parking decks.
  • To exit the deck free of charge, print your name on the top of the white entrance ticket before handing it to the parking booth attendant and mention which public meeting you attended.  

The meetings included are:

What about Other Approved Public Meetings?
For all other approved public meetings, there are no changes to the current process. City staff will continue to issue date-stamped green parking vouchers to attendees.

What Else Do I Need to Know?
The parking program applies only to residents who attend approved public meetings in RMB and OEP, and for parking only in the RMB Municipal and Moore Square parking decks.

The program is not extended to City staff who are on-duty, nor does it include residents who are appointed to serve on Boards or Commissions as they are already issued a separate parking pass.



Rob Murray
Transportation Communications, 919-996-3030

Raleigh Municipal Building (RMB)
One Exchange Plaza (OEP)