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Bike Lane Upgrades

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Milburnie Road Bike Lanes Hardimont Road Updates

To improve safety for all users, the City of Raleigh continues to upgrade bicycle lanes by improving pavement markings, adding flexible delineators and removing parking in bike lanes in key bicycle corridors.

Flexible delineators were added to bike lanes on Crabtree Blvd, Lineberry Dr. and Morgan Street in the summer of 2020. According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) bike lanes with flexible delineators provide these benefits:

  • Dedicates and protects space for bicyclists in order to improve perceived comfort and safety.
  • Prevents double-parking, unlike a bike lane.
  • Low implementation cost by making use of existing pavement.
  • More attractive for bicyclists of all levels and ages.


Milburnie Road Bike Lanes

The City of Raleigh has improved transportation options on Milburnie Road by installing bicycle lanes and design features that slow motor vehicle traffic.

Fall 2021, the final bike markings will close the last remaining gap on Milburnie Road between downtown and the Crabtree Greenway access point.  This section of Milburnie Road from N. Peartree Lane to Shanta Drive is narrow and bike lanes cannot fit on both sides. There will be a bike lane installed in the eastbound direction toward Shanta Drive, and shared lane marking going westbound toward downtown.

In addition, bike lanes will be installed on Shanta Drive to connect Milburnie Road and the Crabtree Greenway. This will also go to Wake Med and the future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station and the New Bern Avenue bike facilities that will come with BRT.

Parking in designated parking spaces between the bike lane and the curb is allowed; however, parking in the bike lanes on Milburnie Road is not permitted as per the Raleigh City Council unanimous approval of the following recommendations at their December 2020 meeting:

  • Removal of all on-street parking in the existing bike lanes on Milburnie Road from Habersham Place to North Peartree Lane
  • Removal of all on-street parking in the new bike lanes on Milburnie Road from North Raleigh Boulevard to Habersham Place

Hardimont Road Updates

In 2020, the City of Raleigh completed new bicycle lanes on the eastern section of Hardimont Road from Colby Drive to Wake Forest Road. The City will convert the existing striped shoulder to a dedicated bicycle lane on the western half of Hardimont Road from St. Albans Drive to Colby Drive in the fall 2021 to create a consistent facility along the length of the street.

After the completion of these bicycle lane updates, the City will install “No Parking” signs and remove all on-street parking on Hardimont Road. City Council unanimously approved parking removal on Hardimont Road at the December 2020 meeting at the following recommendation of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC).

  • Removal of on street parking in the existing striped shoulder on Hardimont Road from Saint Albans Drive to Colby Drive to allow its conversion to a fully functional bike lane in spring 2021

Parking in the bike lanes on Hardimont Road will no longer be permitted after the installation of “No Parking” signs in fall 2021.



Mary Persson
Bike & Pedestrian Outreach Coordinator

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