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The City of Raleigh is an active, vibrant city that is home to numerous road races, special events, and planned and impromptu protests or marches that can happen at any time. The goal for this webpage is to provide one-stop access to events that are permitted through our special events office, road closures, safety tips, and more. 

Current Alerts:

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Updated Event Info and More

The Raleigh Police Department posts pertinent information about events on their Twitter feed. Follow @raleighpolice on Twitter for info concerning protests, events, road closures, etc., as it becomes available.

Safety Tips

Out of an abundance of caution, the Raleigh Police Department provides these general tips for business owners and residents to mitigate concerns associated with any potential protest event:

  • Ensure doors and points of entry are secure  
  • Enable security cameras and alarms  
  • Make sure exterior lighting is adequate  
  • Conceal/remove valuables so they’re not plainly visible  
  • Remove/secure window displays at night  
  • Call 911 immediately to report a crime or the suspicion of a crime  
  • Remove outside furniture & other potentially unsafe items nearby  
  • Be alert to potential danger. If it doesn’t look or feel right, leave  
  • Walk with a group or friend; choose well-lit and most traveled routes  
  • For updated information follow RPD on social media:

Special Events Calendar

This calendar highlights events which have been permitted through the Office of Special Events that utilize City streets, public plazas, and Dorothea Dix Park. You will be able to find event details such as start times, associated road closures, and contact information for reaching specific event organizers.

More Social Media Information

In addition to the Raleigh Police social media accounts mentioned above, you can stay updated on all things 'City of Raleigh' by following us on our main accounts:

Twitter: @RaleighGov
Facebook: CityofRaleigh
Instagram: RaleighGov

Sign up for Text Notifications

While you can search the Special Events calendars for permitted activities, sometimes spontaneous events happen downtown and other areas that could affect local businesses. If you’d like to receive notifications when those events happen, including unpermitted ones, sign up below.

Go to this sign-up page, select your affiliation with Downtown Raleigh, then enter your wireless number.


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