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We've collected some fun indoor and outdoor activities for kids, teens and adults! These activities are meant to connect you and your family with nature and sustainability in Raleigh. Have fun, and remember when doing outdoor activities please maintain six feet of physical distance from those not in your household. 

Activities for Kids

Boy with earthworm


ecoEXPLORE is an incentive-based science program from the North Carolina Arboretum for children in grades K-8. It combines science exploration with kid-friendly technology.  Students can explore and submit observations for anywhere in the world and can start right in their own backyard. Once students have enough points to redeem them for a prize, they can visit a “get spot” to collect their prizes or contact the North Carolina Arboretum to have their prizes mailed to them.  

Invasive Invaders Activity Pages

Looking for something to do on a rainy day? Download Invasive Invaders Activity Pages! Coloring pages, word searches, and other activities are included in this packet. Invasive plants can spread out of control and crowd out native species that support others in our ecosystem. With these pages, kids can learn to start identifying them, and later, can help adults remove them from their backyards, using this guide

Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt

Test your explorer skills!  Download our Nature Scavenger Hunt and see if you can find animal tracks, squirrels, birds, and more! We've also included a blank form so you can make your own challenge.  Go out to a park, or try this in your own backyard! 

Indoor Activities

Try making a seed starter pod from an eggshell. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions

Love writing? Use this guide to start a nature journal! 


Activities for Teens

Learn what happens in your pipes

Try this jar experiment from Raleigh Water to see how different materials break down in our water system. Remember, the only flushable wipe is TP! 

Apps to help you explore nature in your own backyard

Have you memorized the inside of your home? Search outside and meet your backyard “neighbors”. Discover who is blooming, flying and wandering around your yard. 

Girl observing small frog in a container

Use these free apps to explore and share your findings; you can even join groups and projects with others. Be a citizen scientist with your family or escape into the natural world for a moment to yourself.

iNaturalist is a community of over 1 million scientists and naturalists working to collect and identify observations on living plants and animals all over the world. Using a computer or smartphone with internet, anyone can create an account in iNaturalist and submit observations, keep track of their own observations with maps, journals, and calendars, and can get help from the community of experts to identify what they may be observing. iNaturalist is available for desktop computers, Android, and Apple devices. Or use the iNaturalist SEEK app to start identifying living things in your neighborhood! 

Southeast Early Detection Network helps you identify and report invasive plants, insects and plant pathogens. This app uses experts and creates tracking based on your sightings.

Activities for All Ages

Sustainable City Scavenger Hunt

Raleigh is full of sustainability! Challenge yourself to identify projects that are reducing our use of fossil fuels, strengthening our ecosystem, and protecting our planet. This scavenger hunt is designed to help you identify sustainable features in your neighborhood (and maybe think about how you can do them yourself)! Take your daily walk up a notch with this interactive game for the whole family! Download the challenge

City Nature Challenge on iNaturalist

City Nature Challenge helps to show the rest of the world just how amazing the Citizen Scientists are in Raleigh! The City Nature Challenge pits cities from all around the world against each other to see who can document the most biodiversity by submitting their sightings on iNaturalist over a 4-day period (April 24-27th, 2020). 

Find Other Activities

Right now, you can find a lot of online activities, games and more. Below are some sites with great activities and other content.

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