Kids spraying water on landscape roads, houses, cars, and streams to show the impact of stormwater runoff

4 Helpful Stormwater Education Resources for Kids

Are you looking for ways for your child to learn about the water cycle and water pollution? Try these free educational resources offered by our stormwater educator. 

  1. Schedule live lessons with us - Request an in-person or virtual demo on the water cycle or recycling. 
  2. Play this hands-on EnviroScape demo that teaches kids where water flows when it rains. 
  3. Follow a lesson plan that teaches kids about good water quality and healthy watersheds. Launch Watershed Wisdom
  4. Explore outside! Go find painted storm drains in Raleigh. You can't miss the bright colors and water-themed murals. 



Carmela Teichman
Stormwater Outreach & Education Specialist