An engineered, planted area in the median on Sandy Forks Road that collects and cleans stormwater runoff when it rains

Sandy Forks Road has three bioretention basins including one in the median.  

4 Benefits of Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Developers! Make your development plans more “green” by using green stormwater infrastructure on your next project. Here are a few benefits:

  1. These features serve many purposes in required landscape area. This decreases landscaping and stormwater management costs. And, stormwater management doesn't “compete” for a site’s available land area.
  2. Features in the right-of-way manage stormwater coming from streets. This makes more land area available for other uses. It also reduces infrastructure costs.
  3. There is more flexibility in a site’s development design when you use these features.
  4. Choose from more stormwater treatment options in Watershed Protection Overlay Districts. It's a good alternative to traditional practices, like wet ponds. These options reduce stormwater velocity, volume, and pollution. 



Wayne Miles, PE
Stormwater Program Manager

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Green Stormwater Infrastructure