Streetscape & Parking Standards

Peace Streetscape Rendering

If you are interested in streetscape planning for streets of city-wide significance—such as Oberlin Road, Hillsborough Street, and East Cabarrus Street visit the Streetscape Capital Program page.
If you are interested in traffic calming projects in residential areas please visit the Neighborhood Streetscape Program page.

Streetscape and Parking Standards provide guidance for meeting the requirements of a Pedestrian Business Overlay zoning classification.

Streetscape and Parking Standards include improvements to street rights-of-way, vehicular areas, and building facades that reinforce the unique character and pedestrian orientation of an area. These standards may address unifying design features for sidewalks, paving, curbing, street trees, building facades, setbacks, vehicular parking areas, building heights, bicycle parking, signage, awnings, street furniture, overhead utilities, streetlights, and other elements of a streetscape. In addition, Streetscape and Parking Standards address the provision of adequate vehicle and bicycle parking for a Pedestrian Business Overlay District.

The requirements of Pedestrian Business Overlay Districts are available in Section 10-2055 of Raleigh's Development Code.

Available Streetscape and Parking Standards: (View Location Maps Online)

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