Residential Plan Review

Frequent Comments You May See During Plan Review

Frequent Residential Plan Review Comments:

  1. Wall bracing 
  2. Species and grade 
  3. Garage separation 
  4. Missing documents per work class – site plan, plans, owner exempt affidavit 
  5. Incomplete plans – no structural plans 
  6. Wake County water/sewer information 
  7. Permit application incomplete – no applicant signature, public/private water & sewer 
  8. Owner Exemption Affidavit/Workers Comp 
  9. No dimensions on the plot plan 
  10. Original review comments not responded to 
  11. License holder signatures  
  12. Square footage tabulations 
  13. Garage separation 
  14. No Demo Permit when required 
  15. No details on lug footings  
  16. Crawl space access door 
  17. Labeling rooms 
  18. Plans not being legible and/or to scale 
  19. Trade applications not legible
  20. Need to mark out options not being used



Jason Ruff
Development Services Manager

Lead Department:
Permits and Inspections
Service Categories:
Residential Permits