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Extra Recycling Cart What Can I Recycle?

Single-family households get a free recycling container to encourage recycling and support efficient curbside pickup. 

The 95-gallon roll cart is delivered to your home when you set up your water service with the City. On this page, you'll find out how to purchase an extra recycling container or request a smaller container.

Extra Recycling Cart

There are two sizes to pick from when purchasing an additional recycling container:

Recycling carts, small and larte
Size  Price  Dimensions
Large 95-Gallon Roll Cart  $50  45.13"H x 28.7"W x 33.73"D
Small 65-Gallon Roll Cart $48 40.50"H x 26.7"W x 28.11"

How to order

Simply call our Customer Care Center at 919-996-3245 to place your order. The cost will be added to your next monthly utility bill and our crews will deliver the recycling cart to the address specified in the request.

I don't have that much recycling. Can I trade in my 95-gallon roll cart for smaller one?

Yes, we understand single residents or smaller families may not need the capacity of the 95 gallon cart (or maybe you're just not a big consumer, great!). To switch to a smaller cart, please call Customer Care Center at 919-996-3245.

  • Request to switch to a 65-gallon recycling cart only after you use the 95-gallon cart through the first holiday period. 
  • Before you make the call, please do consider that we provide bi-weekly collection, those times around the holidays when extra recyclables are generated, and perhaps the future when we are able to secure markets for even more materials.
  • Also remember, if you put your cart out only when it is full, you can save yourself time as well as increase crew efficiencies and reduce GHG emissions as the vehicles will not have as many "stop and goes".

What Can I Recycle?

Recycling helps protect the environment and extends the life of the landfill by turning reusable material into new products. If you have questions about what can go in your recycling cart, please check out our list of items that we accept for recycling.


Never put plastic bags (grocery bags, garbage bags, etc.) in the recycling cart! They clog up the sorting equipment and progress grinds to a halt. Also, bits of plastic bags contaminate the recycling stream, making it less valuable or even unusable.



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