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Raleigh Police ICARE Team Members

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Dr. Wayne Beatty, Chairperson Dr. Randy Carter, Vice Chairperson Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb Lisa Bauer Bishop Darnell Dixon Reverend Doug Gamble Reverend Jerome Gay Reverend Robert Hodges Reverend Kimberly Lamb Pastor Jose Pieretti Ira Richman Dr. Jeffrey Robinson Venerable Abbess Manpou Sakya Bishop Ronald W. Sharpe Rabbi Eric Solomon Dr. Joe Stevenson Alicia Torruella Raleigh Police Department Chaplains

Members of the I-CARE Team are selected by the Chief of Police from a pool of diverse interfaith community members representing a wide range of interests and experiences who have demonstrated a desire to collaborate and build community relationships, communicate, and solve problems.

The I-CARE Team is comprised of 17 members. Twelve members will be selected by the Chief of Police. Five at-large members will come from the Raleigh Police Chaplain program. Exceptions to the number of members will be made at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

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Dr. Wayne Beatty, Chairperson

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Dr. Wayne Beatty

Lincolnville AME Church    
Term: 18 months

"Having served Wake County and the Raleigh community as a law enforcement officer for over 30 years and a religious leader for over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to see things from several perspectives. I believe this ICARE Team brings the right community together."

Dr. Randy Carter, Vice Chairperson

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Dr. Randy Carter

New Hope Baptist Church    
Term: 18 months

"To learn how New Hope Baptist Church and I can better love our community, better serve the community and better understand the challenges our community faces."

Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb

Raleigh Police ICARE team member Mohamed AbuTaleb

Islamic Association of Raleigh    
Term: 18 months

"I believe the Chief’s initiative to foster relationships and strengthen communication is of critical importance in achieving our mutual goals of safe, prosperous, and vibrant neighborhoods and communities."

Lisa Bauer

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Lisa Bauer

Seven Marks Church  
Term: 18 months

"I want to be a part of working toward goals for the betterment of our communities. It’s imperative that in order to make a greater impact we have to join together to put some goals and solutions in place."

Bishop Darnell Dixon

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Bishop Darnell Dixon

Bible Way Temple Apostolic    
Term: 18 months

"I am joining to serve the community."

Reverend Doug Gamble

Raleigh Police ICARE Doug Gamble

Crossroads Fellowship
Term: 18 months

"I will invest more time in community leadership connecting to faith-based communities, non-profits and marketplace communities to help build unity and trust across all sectors."

Reverend Jerome Gay

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Rev. Jerome Gay

Vision Church    
Term: 18 months

"I want to be knowledgeable of the concerns of people in my city, and I want to be instrumental in creating and sustaining systemic change. Working with city officials and hearing both sides is essential in moving towards lasting change and I want to be a part of it."

Reverend Robert Hodges

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Rev. Robert Hodges

St. Paul AME Church    
Term: 18 months

"To help the community."

Reverend Kimberly Lamb

Raleigh Police ICARE Kim Lamb

St. James United Methodist Church
Term: 12 months

"I am committed to fostering healthy relationships. Now is the time to be involved in proactive, productive conversation and action to build community between cultures, races, and genders."

Pastor Jose Pieretti

Raleigh Police ICARE Jose Pieretti

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Term: 18 months

"In the wake of heightened tensions due to racial concerns, and the unfortunate pairing of political rhetoric, it is imperative for us to actively engage in bringing a safe space for reconciliation."

Ira Richman

Raleigh Police ICARE Ira Richman

Temple Beth Or
Term: 18 months

"Communities of faith are important stakeholders in maintaining and helping to build best policing for everyone and building trust through understanding. Together we can move forward."

Dr. Jeffrey Robinson

Raleigh Police ICARE Jeffrey Robinson

Juniper Missionary Baptist Church
Term: 18 months

"As a former police officer, I will work towards improving relationships and transparency, build bridges, and create dialogue with the community and community stakeholders."

Venerable Abbess Manpou Sakya

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Venerable Abbess Manpou Sakya

Fo Guang Shan Temple
Term: 18 months

"I would like to work collaboratively with people of diverse perspectives and experiences to help the community to getting better."

Bishop Ronald W. Sharpe

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Bishop Ronald W. Sharpe

Powerhouse Church of Jesus Christ    
Term: 18 months

"Collaborating with the police department and the I-CARE Team is a great start at strengthening relationships and communication among churches, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, etc."

Rabbi Eric Solomon

Raleigh Police ICARE Eric Solomon

Beth Meyer Synogogue
Term: 18 months

"I feel grateful for law enforcement, and I hope to serve as an agent for positive relationships between law enforcement officials and the citizens of Raleigh."

Dr. Joe Stevenson

Raleigh Police ICARE Team Member Dr. Joe Stevenson

Macedonia New Life Church    
Term: 18 months

"As a pastor and community leader I consider being part of this important initiative to be a part of my charge."

Alicia Torruella

Raleigh Police ICARE team member Alicia Torruella

Baha'i of Raleigh    
Term: 18 months

"My heart and soul are bound to bring forth this effort to bridge and bind communities together. Uniting all hearts as one human family!"

Raleigh Police Department Chaplains

Rev. Paul Anderson-The Fountain of Raleigh

Rev. Meta Ellington-St. Michael's Episcopal Church

Rev. James Seymour-North Haven Church

Rev. Henry Vandergriff-Lamb's Christian Center

Rev. Ken Wagnon-Stony Hill Free Will Baptist Church




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