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Internship Semesters Types of Internship Programs Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the Raleigh Police Department College Internship Program. RPD offers college seniors and graduate students an opportunity to work alongside sworn and civilian professionals to gain experience and knowledge about our 21st century progressive law enforcement agency. 

All internships are unpaid and must meet an academic requirement.

Internship Semesters

The Raleigh Police Department (RPD) hosts three internship semesters:

  1. Spring - January to April
  2. Summer - May to August
  3. Fall - August to December

Types of Internship Programs

Overview Program
Provides general orientation to police and the Raleigh Police Department

Specialized Program
(hours vary, usually 140 - 400+ hours per semester)
Graduate or advanced undergraduate students are assigned to a specific unit.


Prior to receiving an application packet, interested applicants' academic advisor sends a letter of recommendation on college letterhead to confirm the following:

  • The applicant is currently enrolled at the college or university in at least a bachelor's degree program;
  • The applicant's major; that he or she is a senior; and the internship is an academic requirement;
  • The requested semester and total amount of hours required;
  • The desired program; desired area of focus if required hours exceed 400.

Email the letter to: Sgt. James Dunn or Dale Montague

Once the letter is received, the internship package and application instructions will be emailed to the applicant. A background investigation will be conducted on all approved applicants. After completion of the background and if approved, you will be scheduled for a drug screening and for internship hours.

For more information contact:

Sgt. James E. Dunn
Police Personnel Sergeant
Internship Coordinator

Dale Montague
Senior Detective (Retired)
Internship Coordinator Assistant



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