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The Police Academy

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Basic Academy

The Raleigh Police Academy lasts approximately 28 weeks and is not residential, meaning that police trainees go home in the evenings and on weekends. The basic training course consists of 1,253 hours of instruction which includes state mandated BLET courses. After successfully completing the Academy, you must also pass the North Carolina State Exam for Law Enforcement. The police academy is a mentally and physically challenging task.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Lateral Academy

The City of Raleigh seeks police officers with general law enforcement certification who are currently working in a law enforcement agency in North Carolina, or are certified out-of-state law enforcement officer with at least two years of experience. Former law enforcement officers who have a break in service of less than 12 months long can also apply.

Eligible lateral entry officers will attend a 13-week academy rather than the 28-week full-length academy class for new recruits.

Equivalent Service is the amount of time credited and credentialed to an applicant based on prior comparable years of law enforcement and training.

Years of Equivalent Experience Lateral Entry Salary Rank
2 years but less than 4 $44,415 First Class Officer
4 years but less than 6 $46,636 First Class Officer
6 years but less than 8 $48,968 Master Officer
8 years but less than 10 $51,416 Master Officer
10 years but less than 12 $53,987 Master Officer
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