Face to Face Community Meetings and Report

It is my pleasure to submit this report on behalf of everyone from the Raleigh Police Department and the Raleigh Community who participated in the Face-to-Face process. I know that I join with you to ensure that we will continue to work in many ways to further enhance the community conversation exemplified by our four Face-to-Face meetings.

This report provides background about the Face-to-Face development process, summaries surrounding key topics that consistently arose for discussion during our meetings, and, perhaps of the greatest interest to many, a status report on the follow-up steps taken by the Police Department since January. In some respects, these steps involved matters that the Department could do on its own based upon what it heard from the community. In other instances, the follow-up measures involved the ongoing community collaboration to which the Department is committed.

 - Cassandra Deck-Brown, RPD Police Chief

Face to Face Report

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