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Parklets and Pedlets

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COVID-19 Temporary Outdoor Seating Extension Application Traditional Parklet Permit Process

A parklet is a platform in the parking lane of the street adjacent to the sidewalk and is intended to provide additional space and amenities for the adjacent business and its patrons. A pedlet is a structure that acts as a sidewalk extension beyond the curb line. It is utilized to allow for a business to use the existing sidewalk as an extension of the business and the Pedlet acts as a new route for pedestrians.

COVID-19 Temporary Outdoor Seating Extension Application

Raleigh businesses like restaurants, breweries, wine shops, bottle shops, and coffee shops who want to extend their outdoor seating as part of the state’s COVID Phase 2 reopening plan can now apply for a Parklet or Pedlet via an Outdoor Seating Temporary License from the City--at no cost. 

Under new City guidelines businesses can expand their footprint onto City public rights-of-way such as sidewalks, privately owned parking lots, and parklets or pedlets without having to meet specific City Code and permit requirements, while following safety guidelines to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Outdoor Seating Extension Guide | Application | FAQ  | Insurance Requirements

Who can apply?
Phase 2 of the State’s reopening approach allows businesses such as restaurants, breweries, wine shops, bottle shops, and coffee shops to open for on-premises services with limits on occupancy, specific requirements for disinfection, and maintaining social distancing. 

When to apply?
Businesses may apply for an Outdoor Seating Temporary License now.  The temporary license will take effect no earlier than 10 business days following the City Council Meeting held on June 2, 2020. 

When does the temporary license expire?
An Outdoor Seating Temporary License will be issued to all businesses who register and will last until all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The licenses will also be granted a 30-day grace period following this date, at no cost to the applicant. 

•    Outdoor Seating Extension Guide
•    Application
•    FAQ
•    Insurance Requirements
•    Indemnity Agreement

Traditional Parklet Permit Process

How to Apply

  1. Read about parklet requirements in our hospitality planning guide.
  2. First-time applicants should contact the Office of Emergency Management and Special Events Office to learn how to apply.
  3. Complete the Minor Encroachment Application. Submission includes uploading the following requirements:


Lead Department:
Emergency Management and Special Events
Service Categories:
Hospitality Permits