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The Harrington Street Cycletrack Project is a priority item in the 2016 BikeRaleigh plan, and will serve as a key bicycle connection between Glenwood South to the Warehouse District. The proposed cycletrack will be installed on the east side of Harrington Street from Davie Street to North Street, eventually tying into the proposed greenway at Deveraux.  

This project was originally envisioned for West Street, but a combination of factors including cost and potential Bus Rapid Transit on West Street prompted a proposed change to the Harrington Street corridor.

View North-South Greenway Connector project page.

CycleTrack 101

What is a cycletrack?
A cycle track is physically separated from motor traffic and distinct from the sidewalk. Cycle tracks have different forms but all share common elements—they provide space that is intended to be exclusively or primarily used for bicycles, and are separated from motor vehicle travel lanes, parking lanes, and sidewalks. 

Why a cycletrack? 
Cycletracks separate bicyclists from motor traffic for improved safety for all road users. They provide a dedicated space for bicyclists and minimize potential conflicts between people who walk, bike, and drive. Providing dedicated bike facilities allows people to turn to biking as a safe, reliable, and healthy way to commute, and is a key solution for handling increased traffic and parking concerns. The Harrington Street Cycletrack will connect two greenway paths, so will be considered an ‘urban greenway.’

Where else have cycletracks been installed?
Two-way cycletracks on two-way streets in the southeast have been installed in Charlotte, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Memphis, Tampa, and Winter Park.

Where else is the City of Raleigh installing cycletracks? 
The City of Raleigh is presently constructing a cycletrack on Gorman Street between NCSU and Meredith College to connect the Rocky Branch Greenway and Reedy Creek Greenway. Other priority cycletrack projects in the Raleigh’s Bicycle Plan include:

  • Martin Street from West Street to Chavis Way;
  • Peace Street from Capital Boulevard to Person Street;
  • Wilmington Street from Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard to South Saunders Street; and,
  • State Street from Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard to I-40

Harrington Street Pop-Up Event

A three-day, temporary event called a “pop-up” was installed on Harrington Street in April. Users and survey responders were overwhelmingly supportive of the cycletrack concept. After receiving public input in June, the project will be sent to a design team for completion with more public meetings in late 2019.

Tentative Schedule

June 18, 2019 Open House
June - November 2019       Planning and Design   
Winter 2019 City Council
Spring 2020   Bids for construction
Summer 2020                   Construction   

Crosstown Neighborhood Bikeway

The City of Raleigh is proposing a Neighborhood Bikeway connecting Whitaker Mill Road to Ridge Road parallel to Wade Avenue. 

The open house is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 13 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Dove and Olive Mercantile located at 233 Bickett Blvd.



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