Professional Development - RFD

The Professional Development Division provides continuing education and advancement for all fire department members including the maintenance of various certifications. It is also responsible for the pre-employment recruitment process and operating the recruit academies. This division manages the promotional process for the ranks of First-Class Fire Fighter, Lieutenant, Captain, and Battalion Chief.

It also manages the fire department’s special operations resources:

  • Hazardous Materials Team (Haz-Mat)
  • Technical Rescue team
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) task force

Staffing includes:

  • 1 Assistant Chief,
  • 1 Division Chief,
  • 1 Academy Coordinator,
  • 1 Career Development Coordinator,
  • 1 Technical Rescue/USAR program manager,
  • 1 Haz-Mat program manager,
  • 1 EMS program manager,
  • 1 Deputy EMS Coordinator,
  • 1 Community Engagement Coordinator,
  • 1 Logistics Manager,
  • 1 Senior Support Specialist



105 Keeter Training Center
Raleigh NC,  27601


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Fire Training Division