Firefighter wears new hood

A Raleigh firefighter wears one of the new hoods purchased by the department.

Raleigh Fire News: What You Should Know about RFD, Fire Service

Our winter 2022 edition of the Raleigh Fire News is here!

Here’s a peek at its content:

  • Learn what is one of the most popular questions fire departments across the United States get asked – and our Fire Chief Herbert Griffin’s answer to it.
  • Read about a new state program put in place to help those affected by the leading cause of death among firefighters.
  • Get to know the Raleigh Fire Department’s Research & Development team, which evaluates, reviews, tests, and makes recommendations on new equipment – and works closely with firefighters to ensure their needs are met.
  • Get tips on putting a freeze on winter fires. Home fires occur more in the winter months than any other time of the year, but you can help prevent them by following some simple tips.
  • Do you want to eat like a firefighter? Check out our recipe from Station 5!

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