Fire Training

The Training Division provides continuing education and advancement training for all fire department members including the maintenance of various certifications. It is also responsible for the pre-employment recruitment process and operating the recruit academies. This division manages the promotional process for the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, and Battalion Chief.

It also manages the fire department’s special operations resources:

  • Hazardous Materials Team (Haz-Mat)
  • Technical Rescue team
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) task force

Staffing includes:

  • 1 Assistant Chief,
  • 1 Division Chief,
  • 1 Academy Coordinator,
  • 1 Career Development Coordinator,
  • 1 Haz-Mat Coordinator,
  • 1 EMS Coordinator,
  • 1 Deputy EMS Coordinator,
  • 1 Education/Credential Specialist,
  • 1 Logistics Manager,
  • 1 Senior Support Specialist



105 Keeter Training Center
Raleigh NC,  27601


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Fire Training Division