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Written Aptitude Test Physical agility test Oral interview Contingent offer Complete Training Academy and Probationary Period

The firefighter recruit application process is open annually during the month of November. You must meet eligibility requirements and complete each of the following components:

Submit Online Application

All applicants must go to the NEOGOV website and create an account. If you already have a account, sign in with your username and password, select the job title and then apply. All sections of the application must be completed. If a question does not apply to you, indicate with NA. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Written Aptitude Test

Applicants must pass the Candidate Written Aptitude Test. The written test is based on a standardized aptitude test. Prior fire service experience is not necessary. The test  is similar to a Civil Service exam and will test one’s general knowledge.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions a virtual test will be administered this year, through a third-party company.

An email through NEOGOV will be sent to applicants with detailed information on what site to go to and their login information. Applicants will also receive an email through NEOGOV on whether they have passed or failed. Those that have passed will be given a date and time for the Physical Agility Test. Please do not contact Keeter Training Center for your results, the results will be emailed to you.

No retest will be administered, and no scheduling adjustments can be arranged. Applicants must present a government issued photo ID at the test site before being permitted to take the test; Applicants who do not report as scheduled or who fail to present the above verification will be disqualified. Applicants will be required to report to the test site early enough to allow time for registration and verification procedures.

Physical agility test

All eligible candidates who have met the requirements of the written aptitude test will be eligible to participate in the physical agility test (PAT). The agility test will consist of the following five tasks.

Task  Requirement 
Ladder Raise   Raise a 24-ft. aluminum ladder; extend/retract a 24-ft. extension ladder in 35 seconds 
Rescue Drag  Drag 165-pound Rescue manikin a distance of 100 feet in 60 seconds
Run  Complete 1.5-mile run in 15 minutes
Obstacle Course Run   Complete three full circuits in 4:15 minutes
Stair Climb with Vest  While wearing a 50-pound weighted vest, move up four flights of stairs to the fifth floor landing in 30 seconds

For a detailed explanation of each task view our physical agility test overview page

Potential recruits entering for Physical Agility Test

Ladder Raise - simulates raising and extending a ladder

Rescue Drag - simulates dragging a person out of a fire

Overview of the Obstacle course

Equipment Carry - Saws that participants will have to carry

Kaiser Force Machine Prop - simulates swinging a fire axe

Pipe Crawl - Simulates confined space

View of the obstacle course and the stairs that participants have to climb with a weighted vest on

Another view of the stairs that has to be climbed with a weighted vest on

Oral interview

Candidates who successfully complete the aptitude and physical agility tests and have competitive scores may be invited for an oral interview. The interview panel will consist of people from the Raleigh Fire Department, Personnel Office and/or another City of Raleigh Department.

Once the panel have made their decision, the Keeter Training Center will notify the applicant of the next step in the process.

Contingent offer

The candidates who receive contingent job offers will have their criminal and driving backgrounds checked and will be scheduled for controlled substance testing, medical exam and psychological evaluation. Final job offers will be contingent on candidates passing all four steps.

Receive and Accept Offer of employment

Candidates who receive job offers will be notified in time to give proper notice to their current employer. All other applicants will be notified of their status after all recruitment steps are complete.

Complete Training Academy and Probationary Period

Soon after firefighter selections are made, new recruits begin an extensive training program at the City's Fire Training Center. This program or academy, conducted by the City’s Fire Training Staff lasts approximately 32 weeks for the traditional Academy and 8 weeks for the abbreviated academy.

The Academy includes an extensive physical fitness program, and a multitude of live firefighting simulations. In order to complete the academy, each candidate must maintain an overall average score of 70% in the classroom. If a recruit does not maintain an average score of 70% or greater, they are subject to termination.

Learn more about the Fire Academy


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