Fire Apparatus

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The Fire Department has a variety of firefighting apparatus across the City.



Also called a pumper, this standard piece of fire apparatus is assigned to every fire station and responds to every type of emergency call. They carry 500 gallons of water, as well as hoses, ladders and other firefighting equipment. They also carry emergency medical equipment including automatic defibrillators.



Equipped with either an aerial ladder or aerial platform, this apparatus carries several ground ladders, and some are equipped with pumps and water tanks. Ladders carry tools and equipment to support the tasks of forcible entry, search and rescue, and salvage and overhaul. They also carry emergency medical equipment including automatic defibrillators.


This apparatus carries equipment for specialized rescues, ranging from vehicle extrication to water rescue. They carry drinking water and other rehabilitation supplies for personnel at incident scenes in addition to emergency medical equipment including automatic defibrillators. Additional Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) units are housed at the Keeter Training Center.


This type of fire apparatus carries specialized equipment for handling hazardous-materials incidents, ranging from gas monitoring devices to spill absorption materials.


Swift Water Rescue

This type of fire apparatus carries rescue equipment for use in ponds, lakes, and rivers, as well as during flood conditions.  Raleigh has a variety of rescue boats to meet the needs of flooding emergencies.


Air Truck

This type of fire apparatus carries equipment for supplying the breathing air tanks used by firefighters inside smoke-filled or other hazardous environments. It is also equipped with a floodlight tower, to help illuminate incident scenes at night.



This type of fire apparatus is smaller and more mobile than an engine. They carry 250 gallons of water and are often dispatched to assist at vehicle fires in parking decks and woods and brush fires.


Chief's Car

This type of fire vehicle is used by chief officers, including battalion chiefs, division chiefs, assistant chiefs, and the fire chiefs. They are equipped with radios and other equipment for managing an emergency scene. Some are equipped with mobile data terminals, providing access to call information, building records, and street maps. Most are sport-utility vehicles.



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