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After Action Report

On Saturday, May 30, and continuing through the evening of Sunday, June 7, 2020, a series of protests took place in downtown Raleigh that mirrored protests occurring throughout the nation. These protests, a direct result of the death of George Floyd, attributed to the actions of Minnesota Police Department Officer Derek Chauvin, devolved from peaceful demonstrations into unlawful gatherings where, in the most extreme instances, protesters engaged in acts of violence, destroyed property, and officers were injured. The subsequent mobilization and response of the Raleigh Police Department’s Mobile Field Force was unlike any in Raleigh’s history. Following the initial two evenings, these protests continued through the week in a more peaceable manner. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC)1 remained active through the duration of these protests, until closed on Sunday, June 7.

At the request of Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown, the Inspections Unit of the Office of Professional Standards initiated an internal, administrative review of these events. The following after-action report will document a large portion of the Raleigh Police Department’s internal examination of events throughout the civil unrest. The Inspections Unit utilized WatchGuard body-worn camera video, Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center radio recordings, KOPS online police reports, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data, and testimony of on-scene, incident commanders to research these events. This compilation reflects engagement/activity performed by various personnel throughout the specific divisions within the RPD.

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