Six Forks Corridor Study

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Six Forks Corridor Study

The first phase of the corridor study is now in the design phase.

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Six Forks Road is the heart of Raleigh's midtown. This section of the road is home to churches, banks, schools and shopping with several established neighborhoods bordering the corridor. New mixed-use development and high-rise apartment living are now part of the landscape and are a destination for the entire city. Six Forks Road is also a major transportation corridor that connects to the 1-440 beltline and is planned for future widening. Could the corridor relate better to the surrounding uses? What steps should we take to make the corridor more transit, pedestrian, and bike-friendly? Help the city craft a vision for how the corridor should evolve in the coming years.

Project Details

Corridor Studies
Project Lead:
Carter Pettibone



Carter Pettibone
Senior Urban Designer

Lead Department:
Planning and Zoning
Service Unit:
Urban Design Center



Status Updates

City Council Adopts Six Forks Road Corridor Study and its Recommended Comprehensive Plan Amendments CP-5-17.

On June 5, 2018, City Council scheduled a public hearing in which the Six Forks Road Corridor Study Report and its attendant Comprehensive Plan amendments CP-5-17 were heard. Following the hearing, City Council unanimously voted in favor to adopt the study report and Comprehensive Plan amendments.

The study report and recommendations were the outcome of a multi-year collaborative planning effort that engaged city staff, consultant team, citizens, stakeholders, community leaders, residents, and businesses to work together to create a common vision for the Six Forks Road corridor.

Next Steps

  • Coordinate with Department of Transportation and Engineering Services to implement Phase 1 of a capital improvement project for Six Forks Road, as identified in the study report. Phase 1 includes infrastructure improvements for the portion of Six Forks Road between Rowan Street and Lynn Road.
  • The design of Phase 1 improvements is expected to take between 18-24 months. The City plans to select a design and engineering consultant through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process in the first quarter of 2019, with a project kickoff shortly thereafter. The design process will include multiple opportunities for public input.
  • Funding for the design of Phase 1 improvements was included as part of the 2013 Transportation Bond. Funding for right-of-way acquisition and construction for Phase 1 was included as part of the 2017 Transportation Bond.
  • Work with the Department of Transportation to prioritize and acquire CIP and other sources of funding to implement Phases 2 and 3 of the Six Forks Road capital project identified in the study. These phases would include improvements for Six Forks Road between Rowan Street and Ramblewood Drive, including bicycle and pedestrian improvements for the bridge over Interstate 440.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to enhance the Six Forks Road corridor in a way that defines a unique sense of place with the enhanced fluidity of movement, environmental sensitivity, and connectivity for residents, workers, students, and visitors using transportation modes of all types, including cars, bikes, pedestrian, and public transit. The corridor should enable an active pedestrian life and integrate residential, commercial, recreational, educational, faith, and retail uses. Safety and accessibility are paramount in designing a distinctive streetscape that is uniquely Midtown with unifying features and green space that make it both an attractive urban thoroughfare and an irresistible gathering place.

View the Visioning Workshop Presentation and Event Photos for the workshop held on September 22, 2012.

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