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Sassafras All Children’s Playground at Laurel Hills Park

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The new playground replaces the existing playground that was constructed in 1991. The 3.5-acre site includes a playground for children of all abilities and provides a variety of play experiences. The new playground increases the available activity area considerably. In addition to conventional play equipment such as swings and slides, the playground also features unique elements including basketball court with adjustable hoop height, accessible elevated decking, and a pair of 50-foot-long zip-lines.

Project Details

The project cost estimate is $2.3 million, with $1 million coming from the 2014 Parks Bond.
DHM Design



Shawsheen Baker

Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources




This phase is complete.


This phase is complete.


This phase is complete.


This project is complete.

Sassafras All Children's Playground

Time-lapse of the construction of the Sassafras All Children's playground at Laurel Hills Park


In 1991, a group of community volunteers came together to build Raleigh’s first accessible playground at Laurel Hills Park called the “All Children’s Playground.” It was a very progressive project at that time and we honor those citizens who made that initial commitment. Although designed with very good intentions, we now have so much more knowledge about how children play and the advancements in play equipment are phenomenal. The new design will provide a holistic environment that is not only code-compliant, but also engages all children in parallel play that is safe and challenging.

On May 5, 2015, Raleigh City Council approved the schematic design for the Sassafras All Children’s Playground at Laurel Hills Park and authorized City staff to proceed with construction documents and construction.

Sassafras has been a public-private partnership between the City of Raleigh, local businesses, community partners, and the Frankie Lemmon Foundation, acting as the fiscal agent.


Date Activity
Fall 2015 Demolition and site preparation
Early Spring 2016 Start Construction
May 13-15, 2016 Community Build Days
Early Fall 2016 Complete

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