Front Entrance to Laurel Hills Community Center

Laurel Hills Community Center

Facility Upgrades

Laurel Hills Park, a 48-acre city park, includes a community center, the Sassafras All Children's Playground, picnic shelters, courts, fields, trails, and a small pond. Laurel Hills Community Center, located at 3808 Edwards Mill Road, is a 23,000 square foot building that hosts a variety of recreational programs such as art adventures, yoga, basketball, volleyball, pickleball, soccer, and baseball.

Renovations to Laurel Hills Community Center will include both exterior and interior work. Exterior work consists of:

  • Replacement of damp proofing, foundation and storm drainage systems on West and South walls of the building;
  • Addition of a new foundation wall with damp proofing and storm drainage under the front entry;
  • Replacement of the roof assembly on the flat roof portion of the building and on the main entrance canopy including metal coping, flashing, and scuppers;
  • Replacement of all gutters and downspouts;
  • Replacement of metal flashing at corrugated metal siding/CMU transition;
  • Replacement of all corrugated metal siding;
  • Cleaning and applying clear sealer on all exterior masonry surfaces; and
  • Addition of a new ADA-compliant sidewalk connecting the rear door of the building to the playground.

Interior work consists of:

  • A new wood Gym floor;
  • Painting the walls damaged by water intrusion;
  • Replacement of toilet room sinks, countertops, urinals, and toilet partitions;
  • A new HVAC system for the 2-story side of the building and the gym; and

Upgrades to the electrical system, including lighting, IT/technology, and security devices

Project Details

Project Lead:
Conrad Merced
Davis Kane Architects, PA



Conrad Merced


Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
Service Unit:




Spring 2021 – Early 2022 Design and permitting
Spring 2022 – Summer 2022 Bidding and contract award
Fall 2022 – Fall 2023 Construction