Water and Sewer

E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant 12 Million Gallon (MG) Clearwell Rehabilitation

Restoration of current concrete Clearwell structure for future demand.

This project is in the design phase. Brown & Caldwell will perform a structural investigation and assessment of the E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant 12 Million Gallon clearwell.  Findings from the initial assessment deemed that the clearwell's concrete structure has remaining useful life and can be cost-effectively rehabilitated to continue future operations. Brown & Caldwell will develop a plan to rehabilitate the clearwell which will improve its operational flexibility and reliability.

A clearwell  is a part of the City of Raleigh's municipal drinking water purification system. It is the final storage stage in the system, following the filtration and disinfection stages. The filtered water is held in a storage basin, clearwell, to allow the disinfectant to inactivate any remaining pathogens.

Project Details

Water and Sewer
Project Lead:
Perry A. Allen, PE
Brown & Caldwell



Phone: 919-870-2870

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This phase is complete.

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Project is currently in this phase with 90% completion.

Brown & Caldwell are working on the final design for the EMJWTP 12 MG rehabilitation portion of this project. This will include structural concrete repair to the existing walls and floor slabs, as well as, retrofitting a baffle wall system in each of the three existing clearwell sections. These repairs will improve chlorine contact time as required by the State of North Carolina to ensure the proper level of disinfection.

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Phase details coming soon.

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Phase to be updated when available. 

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The E. M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant  (EMJ WTP) and its neighboring structures were originally constructed in multiple phases, with the first phase of the plant constructed in the 1960’s. The EMJ WTP clearwell is a 12 million gallon (MG) rectangular concrete structure, which is comprised of three individual 4 MG tanks which were constructed in 1965, 1972 and 1980 respectively.


Date Activity
Summer 2020 Project Design Complete
Summer 2020 Permitting Complete
n/a Easement Acquisition Complete
Summer 2020 Project Bid Complete
Winter 2020 Project Construction Begins
Summer 2022 Project Construction Complete