A birds eye view of the new roundabout and transit stops at the intersection of Cross Link Road and Dandridge Drive.

Transit, Streets, and Sidewalks

Cross Link Road Traffic Calming Project

Enhancing the appearance and slowing down motor-vehicle traffic

This project included the installation of traffic calming devices along Cross Link Road from Dandridge Drive to Garner Road, sidewalk construction on the southeast side, and added bike and transit improvements to the street.

We installed traffic calming features along the roadway such as bump outs and medians, and a roundabout at Dandridge Drive.

To improve pedestrian safety, we installed additional sidewalk along the south side of Cross Link Road, and enhancements were made to transit stops along the roadway. 

Project Details

Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
Lanier Construction



Ben Possiel, PE
Project Manager

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Lead Department:
Engineering Services
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Roadway Design and Construction




Updated July 8,

We are installing a 5-foot wide sidewalk on the east side of the street from Garner Road to Dandridge Drive. There will be a 6-foot wide section of sidewalk south of the Brumlow Lane intersection. We will also be doing some pavement resurfacing, installing some medians, completing storm drain utility work, and installing a roundabout near Danridge Drive.


Next Steps


We are scheduled to to begin construction during the summer of 2020.

Phase Contacts


Ben Possiel, PE
Project Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The project is complete!

Construction activity on roundabout on Cross Link Drive at Dandridge Drive

Next Steps




Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The project is complete! 

Crews finished installing the landscaping along the corridor in mid- July, and transit shelters were installed at Dandridge Drive in August. 

There is a new roundabout at Dandridge Drive. The roundabout is one of the traffic calming features we installed to help reduce speed along the road.

Roundabouts reduce vehicle speed using geometry rather than traffic signals, causing the traffic to flow at a slow but steady pace. Roundabouts are designed for slow operating speeds between 15 and 25 mph. 

Tips for Driving in a Roundabout

  • Slow down. Obey traffic signs;
  • Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists as you approach the roundabout;
  • Yield to traffic on your left already in the roundabout;
  • When there is a gap in the traffic enter to your right;
  • Keep your speed low within the roundabout;
  • As you approach your exit, turn on your right turn signal; and,
  • Yield to pedestrians and bicycles as you exit.

Want to learn more about roundabouts? Visit the City's Roundabouts: What You Should Know page.

Project Overview Video

This short video explains what project enhancements were installed along Cross Link Road as part of this project.

Cross Link Drive Roundabout Complete - Roadway Design and Construction

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Construction Information

Meet the Construction Team:

City Project Manager: Benjamin Possiel

City Inspector: Scott Therrien

Construction Contractor: Lanier Construction Company


Date Activity
Spring 2020 Complete Design Plans
Summer 2020 Construction Bids
Summer 2020 Start Construction
Summer 2021 Construction Complete

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