Public Utilities Capital Improvement Projects

Water and Wastewater Projects

The City of Raleigh's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is one element in the City's long-term planning process. It links the City's Comprehensive Plan with long-term planning for infrastructure and operations. The City of Raleigh’s Public Utilities Department, now also known as "Raleigh Water", houses an internal CIP Division. This division studies major facility and equipment needs. Additionally, this division establishes priorities, reviews water and wastewater build plans, maintains or replaces portions of the water and wastewater systems, estimates fiscal resources, and schedules the development of major funded water  and wastewater projects. These items are the building blocks of the CIP. 

Raleigh Water is responsible for the water and wastewater infrastructure found in the City of Raleigh and the towns of Garner, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell, and Zebulon. The CIP Division within the department completes infrastructure improvements for these major utility systems which include a vast network of pipes, pump stations, treatment plants, and storage facilities. 

CIP Projects

Project Type
Atkins & Canterbury Waterline Replacement Replacement / Repair
Big Branch Interceptor  Replacement / Repair
Bio-energy Recovery Project Expansion / Improvement
Brentwood Estates Sewer Improvements Replacement / Repair
Crabtree Basin Improvement Project Expansion / Improvement
Crabtree Creek & West Neuse Interceptor Replacement / Repair
Dempsey E. Benton Water Treatment Plant - Dewatering Facility Expansion / Improvement
East Neuse Regional Pump Station Expansion / Improvement
E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant - Electrical Generator Improvements Expansion / Improvement
E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant - Drinking Water Laboratory Expansion / Improvement
Harris Creek Interceptor Expansion / Improvement
Lake Wheeler Stream Relocation Expansion / Improvement
Lenoir Street Sewer Replacement Replacement / Repair
Lower Poplar Creek Sewer Improvements Expansion / Improvement
Lower Richland Creek Interceptor Upgrade Expansion / Improvement
Main Campus Drive Waterline Expansion / Improvement
Martin Pond Road Waterline Extension Expansion / Improvement
Mine Creek Outfall Replacement / Repair
Neuse River East Parallel Interceptor Expansion / Improvement
Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility RAS Screw Pump Replacement Replacement / Repair
Oberlin Road Waterline Improvement Expansion / Improvement
Oregon Trail 24 Inch Waterline Expansion / Improvement
Perry Creek / Neuse River Interceptor Improvements  Expansion / Improvement
Pine Hollow Elevated Water Storage Tank Replacement / Repair
Pullen to Bain Reinforcing Main Expansion / Improvement
Pump Station Abandonment: Food Lion and Highland Creek No. 1 Replacement / Repair
Quail Hollow Water Main Replacement Replacement / Repair
Rocky Branch Interceptor Replacement / Repair
South Saunders Street Sewer Replacement Replacement / Repair
Twin 72-inch Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Replacement / Repair
Upper Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer Improvements  Expansion / Improvement
Walnut Creek Pump Station Odor Control Replacement / Repair
West Neuse Interceptor Replacement / Repair
2014 Sewer Line Replacement Replacement / Repair
2014 Water / Sewer Main Replacement 1 Replacement / Repair
2015 Waterlines Project 1 Replacement / Repair
2015 Water/Sewer Replacement Project 3 Replacement / Repair



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