Swann Street Stormwater Channel

Water and Sewer

Swann Street Drainage Improvements

Phase One

  • Minimize flooding along Swann Street
  • Increasing the size of the stormwater pipes along the street (48 to 72 inches in diameter)
  • Adding storm drains to Swann Street to capture stormwater runoff from yards and streets 
  • New infrastructure meets current design standards and will better handle stormwater runoff in the area 


Phase Two

We're making drainage improvements at 3704 and 3708 Swann Street. The unstable channel that runs through these properties causes significant safety concerns to residents and their homes.

Project Details

$1.5 million
WK Dickson (Design), North State Environmental, Inc. (Construction)



David Kiker, PE

Lead Department:
Budget and Management Services


This phase is complete.


This phase is complete.


This phase is complete.


This phase is complete.

Right of Way Acquisition

This phase is complete.


Posted Monday, Sept. 23

Phase One

We finished the stormwater drainage improvements along Swann Street and Varnell Avenue. Crews also paved Swann Street and private driveways that were impacted by the upstream drainage improvements. The first 200 feet of Swann Street (south of Varnell Avenue) will not be paved until phase two of this project is complete. 

Phase Two

The second phase will be under construction from September through December. Crews: 

  • Prepared the site for construction; and, 
  • Started installing a 35-foot-long concrete drainage structure to stabilize the stream channel at a property on Swann Street. 

Next, they'll install a retaining wall in October/November.


Questions? Contact David Kiker, PE, or call 919-996-4074.


Phase details coming soon.


We completed a drainage basin study in 2013 for the Swann Street area. Recommendations included reducing the frequency of flooding, road and driveway overtopping, and completing bank erosion stabilization.  Raleigh City Council approved the design for the first phase in July 2015.  

Swann Street Construction
Swann Street Flooding
Swann Street Overflow
Swann Street Drainage


Date Activity
Fall 2016 70% design plans and finalized easement plans completed
Spring 2017 90% design plans completed
Summer 2017 Drainage easements and environmental permit process complete
Fall 2017 Project design complete
Winter 2018 Project bid complete
Summer 2018 Project construction begins (Phase One)
Summer 2019 Project construction complete (Phase One)
Summer to Late Fall 2019 Construction (Phase Two)