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Community Engagement Process Development (CEPD)

The City of Raleigh Community Engagement Process Development (CEPD) is studying best practices for conducting outreach in order to create a standard process for community outreach and engagement in City Planning projects. The goals of the CEPD are to:

  • Research Best Practices in public engagement
  • Survey Public Engagement Preferences through a public survey, pop-up events, a community forum, and community conversations
  • Assess Current Practices by looking at the current engagement process for the City of Raleigh Planning Department
  • Create a Participation Playbook based on the insights and lessons learned throughout the study

Project Details

Area Plans
Project Lead:
Kristin Williams



Kristin Williams, Ph.D.
Planning Engagement Coordinator

Lead Department:
City Planning
Service Unit:
Long-Range Planning

Why is an Engagement Process Needed?

The Raleigh Department of City Planning’s mission is to guide development and conservation for a healthy and prosperous Raleigh. To make sure we are serving everyone equally, we need the input of as many residents as possible during the planning of our projects. We strive to continuously improve our methods of community engagement in a way that informs, consults, involves, collaborates with, and empowers the residents of our community.

CEPD Project Timeline

Your voice is important! Raleigh residents should have equal opportunity to contribute to City Planning efforts. Your involvement will help us build a plan for future community engagement.

We first researched the best practices that other cities in the U.S. use for community engagement.

We attended various City of Raleigh public meetings and presentations to assess current outreach efforts. We interviewed key staff responsible for planning and conducting outreach activities. We also reviewed existing policies, procedures, and communication materials.

Phase 1 Community Outreach Summary:

The Community Preferences Survey went live online on October 1 and closed December 2. We are now analyzing data to incorporate into the Playbook coming in Phase 2.

Throughout October, we tabled at pop-up events all over the city. We talked to Raleigh residents about the CEPD and ask them to take the survey. We also held a community forum on Oct. 25, 2019, with local community groups. We discussed "How Proactive Engagement Can Change Your Community." If you couldn't make it, check out the presentation and meeting summary.

In November, project staff began hosting Community Conversations with local organizations and neighborhood groups. We asked the groups for their feedback on City engagement efforts. We will use this feedback to help create recommendations for the future.

Project staff also presented to Raleigh CACs about the project. If you were unable to attend, check out the presentation.

With the data we collected, we will be creating a Public Participation Playbook.  The Playbook will serve as the official engagement guide for City Planning staff. A draft will be available for public comment in early 2020.

How Do I Get Involved?

The second phase of public outreach will begin in early 2020. We will have a draft of the Public Participation Playbook for review and comment. For project and event updates, check back to this page or join our email list, click to subscribe.

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