Play It Forward Raleigh FAQ's

Do I need to fill out a separate application for each family participant?

No. Only one application is needed per family. Make sure to list all family members living in the household in the space provided. We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all required information and submit required documentation (Copy of 1040-Tax returns and copies of 2 most recent pay stubs.

My application was approved last year. Do I need to fill out another one?

Yes, your application is only good for one fiscal year, July 1 – June 30. Memberships and classes purchased prior to approval are not retroactive and will not be discounted or refunded.

Who should I include as family members supported by my household income?

You must include all people living in your household, related or not, who share in the income of the household. You must include yourself and all children living with you.

What should I do if I do not have my taxes or do not file taxes?

An IRS transcript can be submitted with your application. If you did not file taxes, you need to submit a Verification of Non-Filing to show that no transcript exists.

Directions for obtaining IRS Transcript

Do I need to pay any money at the time of registration?

Yes. You are required to pay 20% of the cost of the program to secure your spot while your application is being processed. If you are unable to pay the 20% deposit, you will need to contact the Financial Assistance Program Administrator.

Is financial assistance guaranteed?

No, it will be awarded based on the need substantiated by the information that is provided on the application by each individual.

Will financial assistance cover the entire cost of the program?

No. Financial assistance will not cover the entire cost of the program. You will be notified of your final payment amount and payment due date by email and/or by mail.

Am I required to notify you of any changes?

Yes. If your situation changes during the calendar year it is your responsibility to notify the Program Administrator.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes, staff will not discuss confidential matters or personal information with anyone outside of the department or with unauthorized individuals. All confidential forms received will be kept in a secure location.

If I do not qualify now, may I apply later?

Yes, you may apply any time during the calendar year. For example, if a parent or guardian becomes unemployed during the year, you may become eligible.

How will I be notified?

You will be notified by email within 2 weeks of when the application is received. Please ensure that your email is correct on the form. If you have not received any information after 2 weeks, please contact the Program Administrator.

What if I still cannot afford the reduced program fee?

If you are awarded assistance and you are still not able to afford the program registration fee, please contact the Financial Assistance Program Administrator.

How can I get in contact with the Financial Assistance Program Administrator?

You may contact the Financial Assistance Program Administrator by emailing or calling 919-996-4839.