Missing Middle Aerial

Save the Date: More Homes, More Choices

Raleigh aspires to be an inclusive city with a wide variety of housing for people at different stages of life, different income levels, and with different neighborhood preferences. Raleigh is a great city and by growing together, we can become even greater. If you’re following the growth of the city, then you’ve likely heard the phrase “missing middle housing” as part of the conversation.

The term “missing middle” refers to housing types between detached single-family homes and large apartment buildings. This includes duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, and small apartments. Prior to the summer of 2021, these housing types were prohibited in many of Raleigh’s neighborhoods. 

City staff has planned an extensive series of community engagement meetings and events to address residents’ questions and concerns over the recent missing middle text changes. Starting in January 2023, you will have the opportunity to attend information sessions and provide feedback to city staff in meetings held across the city and virtually.  

This will be followed by the Small-Scale Homebuilders Workshop that is being held on Friday, March 31. The workshop will focus on small-scale and minority contractors that can use missing middle provisions to provide more affordable housing options, and a three-part community conversation series later this year.

Learn more about Raleigh’s Missing Middle and mark your calendar for our series of upcoming events. 



Katie Dombrowski
Communications Manager

Lead Department:
Planning and Development
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Community Engagement