Before You Start A Home Improvement Project

Things to know before getting a residential permit

Permits are required when you build a new single-family home or make an alteration/repair to an existing structure. Permits are also required for accessory structures. The permit and inspection process ensures that projects are well constructed, safe for occupants, and meet all current code requirements. This also helps protect property values for you and your neighbors.

There are a few important things to review prior to submitting your permit application:

  1. If you are a homeowner acting as the contractor for your project, the Homeowners Exemption Affidavit is required.
  2. Is your home located in a Historic District or designated as a Raleigh Historic Landmark? If so, you are required to submit a Certificate of Appropriateness to the Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC). Approval from the RHDC may be required prior to submitting your permit application. 
  3. If your property contains a private well or septic services, you may need approval from Wake County prior to applying with the City of Raleigh.
  4. If you have requested a variance, it needs to be approved by Board of Adjustment.
  5. The property should have a legally recorded map at the Durham or Wake County Register of Deeds.
  6. Your property may be subject to Residential Infill Compatibility standards. Click here to learn more about residential infill development and verification.

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