Raleigh Permits Inspections

Introducing Raleigh Permits

    Raleigh Permits Logo

    The City of Raleigh is excited to introduce you to Raleigh Permits. This new sub-brand is a collaborative approach for multiple departments to share information on how we issue permits and conduct inspections to ensure the safety of Raleigh’s residents and visitors. Raleigh Permits will serve as your source for the many services related to permitting and inspections including:

    • Tips for project submittal success 
    • Best practices for inspections 
    • Process changes 
    • Fee updates 
    • Customer service  
    • Educational and engagement opportunities for residents and customers

    To learn everything there is to know about permitting and inspections in Raleigh:

    The departments included in Raleigh Permits are: Planning and Development; Transportation; Raleigh Parks; Housing and Neighborhoods; Raleigh Water; Fire; Police; Solid Waste Services; Engineering Services; and the City Manager’s Office consisting of Emergency Management and Special Events, and Sustainability.