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Due Diligence Online Service (DDOS) is a web-based service that allows clients to receive feedback on specific properties within the City of Raleigh. This is a free service for applicants and no approvals or permits are issued and it should not be considered an official review.

During this process, staff will address general questions and issues related to the development of a property. Staff will comment only on trade information related to the parcel(s) and general regulatory items that may be applicable based on preliminary project parameters.

Helpful Information for DDOS

  • Upon completion of review applicants will receive an email containing staff comments, based on a predetermined scope of review
  • Only contiguous properties are allowed to be submitted, and multiple parcels will be reviewed as a combined assemblage.
  • Comments generated during the DDOS are based solely on existing zoning of the property.
  • If a formal development application is submitted after a DDOS, and any development details or site information have changed, it is possible that staff comments may be different from those provided during a DDOS.
  • This service is offered at no cost to the applicant, and information received should be considered advisory-only. If a formal regulatory-based review is desired, please consider one of our other face-to-face services.


Request a DDOS

To request a DDOS, visit the online portal.