paved trail surrounded by grass and trees

Walnut Creek Trail at Trailwood Drive Greenway Project Complete

The Walnut Creek Trail at Trailwood Drive Project is now complete and the new section of the trail is open.

This project extended the Walnut Creek Trail, from near its intersection with Avent Ferry Road, along an existing sewer easement that parallels Walnut Creek, to Trailwood Drive. With this project complete, users of the Walnut Creek Trail will no longer have to use the sidewalk along Avent Ferry Road to connect Trailwood Drive and the Walnut Creek Trail’s intersection with Avent Ferry Road.

Users of the Walnut Creek Trail can now utilize a continuous 10-foot-wide asphalt trail between these two points. Amenities included with this project are new pedestrian directional signs, benches, trashcans and centerline striping.

Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
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