Mother and daughter walking through the park in winter

Stay Safe in Raleigh Parks this Winter

Winter is here! To enjoy Raleigh parks and greenways safely in the cold weather months, we recommend you follow the helpful tips below.

1.    Check the Forecast Before You Leave Home 

Be sure you know the temperature, wind speed, and what time the sun sets, which is earlier in the winter months!

2.    Dress Appropriately

Wear layers of bright clothing to stay warm, dry, and visible.

3.   Be Prepared

 Here are a few important items you will want to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Park or trail map
  • Phone or way to communicate
  • Comfortable shoes

4.    Stay Hydrated

When you’re cold, it’s tempting not to drink as much water, but your body still needs it to stay hydrated!

5.  Warm Up

If you’re exercising, make sure you warm up slowly to let your body adjust to the cold air temperatures.

Keep these guidelines in mind and you're ready to go! Need help deciding where to explore? Find a park near you.