Youth doing work on a computer

Raleigh Parks Provides Unique Summer Camp Experience

This summer Ralph Campbell Community Center partnered with Top Flight Computer and Triangle eSports Academy to provide youth between the ages of 10 and 12 years old a unique summer camp experience.

The program was a 5-day immersive gaming, coding and computer building camp. Each day the participants coded various games, competed in their favorite online games, learned the inner workings of high-end computer components, gained hands on experience in taking an elite computer apart and rebuilding it on their own.

The benefits of STEM Education helps youth foster ingenuity and creativity. This leads to new ideas and innovations. It also encourages teamwork. Students of all ability levels can work together to solve a problem by collaborating with others.

Raleigh Parks realizes the benefits of STEM education and provide learning environments for students to explore how to game, code and build computers.  Looking for your child’s next unique summer camp program?  Raleigh Parks Summer Camp registration will occur in the winter of 2023.



Ralph Campbell Community Center