basketball hoop with sensor

Help Test A New Raleigh Smart City Initiative to Check Availability of Park Amenities

Have you ever wanted to shoot some hoops, but you couldn’t find an open basketball goal?  Are you hoping for a quiet place to play with your toddler, but the playgrounds seem to be busy?

Through the Raleigh Smart City Initiative, we are working with partners to improve your experience in Raleigh Parks. We are excited to test a new technology that uses outdoor sensors to detect activity so that you can see the availability of your favorite park amenities. The trial period will include vibration and motion sensors paired with tennis courts, outdoor basketball goals, and playgrounds at the following parks:

The activity information will be displayed in real-time on the website where you can see if a facility is currently in use, the last time it was used, and which days of the week have the most usage. We hope this will help you better plan for play and avoid traveling to multiple parks to find an open facility.

How Does It Work?

The trial will use vibration sensors on basketball goals and traditional motion sensors for playgrounds and tennis courts. Sensors do not take any video or record any audio. The sensors are wireless, send activity data over a common radiofrequency, and are powered by standard lithium non-rechargeable batteries.

Try It Out and Tell Us What You Think!

Please help us test the sensors by visiting to see the availability of tennis courts, basketball courts, and playgrounds at Powell Drive Park, Lions Park, and Eastgate Park.   Then tell us about your park experience so we can better understand your needs and evaluate this technology for our parks!