Image of two pinball machines.

The Great Carousel Race at Pullen Park and Other Themed Carnival Games

Did you know that Pullen Park is home to an assortment of themed carnival style games?   Join us, if you dare, to test your skill and try your luck at themed experiences such as:

The Great Carousel Race
Pick your favorite carousel animal, line up with your friends and bounce your ball into the slots to help your animal race towards the finish line!   

Trail Runner
Can you help roll the boulder up the mountain without falling off the edge? This is a game for players with expert skill.  Caution ahead as we've yet to have anyone make it to the top of the mountain!

River Runner
Help guide your player across the log and into the scoring zone without falling in the river.  You only get 3 chances, so break out your balance techniques to achieve the high score!

Power Grid 
This is a 3 foot tall version of an old carnival classic.  Maneuver your tool across the jumbo sized power line without making contact.  If you can't achieve this task, it might be quite shocking.

Acorn Drop
How many of the 5 acorns can you guide up the board into the scoring holes that lead to the squirrels? Be careful as the wrong holes will drop them to the bottom of the tree!

A select rotation of games will be out daily throughout the summer and then on weekends in the fall.   

Carnival game tickets can be purchased online at RecLink or at the ticket office.   Each ticket is valid for one player and is good for unlimited use throughout the day.  The games are appropriate for ages 6 and up.



Pullen Park
520 Ashe Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27606