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City of Raleigh Joins Biophilic Cities Network

The City of Raleigh is now part of the Biophilic Cities Network, comprised of 26 cities from around the globe dedicated to improving the connection between residents and urban nature. Biophilic cities focus on protecting and celebrating nature and recognize the importance of access to nature as an element of a meaningful urban life.

Raleigh was accepted into the network because of a demonstrated commitment to conserving and protecting its environmental resources through best practices in cutting-edge conservation and stewardship, land use, infrastructure, and building technologies. Raleigh’s historic commitment to preserving and providing green spaces for its residents has resulted in a parks system consisting of 6,209 acres of parkland and 118 miles of trails interconnected through 3,832 acres of greenways and lands conserved for flood control and ecological purposes. Coupled with its investment in parks and open spaces, the Raleigh City Council has taken bold steps through its actions and adopted plans to provide direction on policies and programs that protect and enhance Raleigh’s natural amenities for current and future generations.

The City of Raleigh remains committed to encouraging a diverse, vibrant built environment that preserves and protects the community’s natural resources, strives for environmental equity and justice, and encourages sustainable growth that complements existing development. A few examples of programs and initiatives that improve the connection between residents and nature include:


Join us at the Earth Day 2022 event at Dorothea Dix Park on Friday, April 22, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. as we celebrate the acceptance of the City of Raleigh into the Biophilic Cities Network.

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